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A century has passed since the Third Age began, and every wizard, prophet, and seer agrees that dark times are ahead.

Fell magic plagues the land, and the dead sleep fitfully until necromancers and vampires wake them for service. Bandits, orcs, and goblins gather in the north, putting aside old quarrels for the sake of plundering the Free Kingdoms. Worse yet, rumors speak of villages scorched by dragonfire and entire kingdoms caught in the grasp of a shadowy cabal of sorcerers.

Only a ragtag band of adventurers stands against the darkness.

Teia Blackstaff. Orphan, wizard, and youngest warden of the Arcane Spire. Though she is young, her mastery of spellcraft rivals sorcerers well beyond her age.

Wilbur Lynch. An infamous bounty hunter, feared for his deadly skill with blade and bow alike. Followed by his beloved hound and long-suffering sister.

Elizabeth Lynch. Assassin, spy, and infiltrator. Every shadow hides her, no door can bar her, and no foe escapes the cold embrace of her daggers.

Crescent. Keeper of story, song, and powerful magic and delver into the world’s greatest mysteries.

Caro. Cursed and questing for redemption, this aging dragonborn carries a blade on one shoulder and her faithful cat on the other. Her strength and swordsmanship are rivaled only by her desire for a hot breakfast.

In a world with danger in every corner and heroes in short supply, this group is the best hope of the Free Kingdoms. They are valiant and skilled, but the forces arrayed against them are mighty indeed. Will they drive back the darkness, become its victim, or worse yet, join it?


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