_The Age of Myth_

Before man, elf, and dwarf walked the earth, there were only the Celestials in Heaven, the Infernals in hell, and the Fae in between. The world was young, and knew only summer.

Perfect, beautiful, and wise, the Fae ruled for centuries. Their endless lifespans allowed them time to practice the arts, become peerless craftsmen, and weave the chaotic powers of the world into magic itself. But as time went on and they tired of working with silver, stone, and branch, they sought to emulate the very gods who created them and make life.

The races of man were molded in their kilns, sculpted by their hands, and given life by the secrets of their Art. Aerendil, greatest among the fae, loved his people’s creation. He came to see them as his children, and gave them the gifts of speech, metal craft, and Magic.

But in time, Aerendil and his kind came to know the poisonous envy of man. The mortal races looked at their creators and saw only beauty, wealth, and infinite life they could never obtain.

And so they sought to take it.

_The Age of Myth_

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